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Unique Hand crafted Art Gongs, created with passion and love

Welcome to Art Gongs, a website showcasing the amazing creative work of Michal Milas.

Let me tell you about myself and my journey with sound, meditation, craftsmanship and the experience of life, which has shaped me and my creations.

My first involvement with gongs was in 2007, working in Poland with Tom Soltron and organizing concerts and workshops for Don Conreaux.

I then travelled to the UK with two small gongs, to bring meditation through sound, and I was fortunate enough to play for children in the Yellow House School and Suffolk Family Carers. After performing on a regular basis, it was obvious to me that in order to play bigger and more powerful gongs I must begin to forge my own gongs.

In 2010 I made my first gongs from mild steel, each weighing around 35kg, with one crafted from 5mm plate steel. They were created in my back yard - just me, a hammer and steely determination. It wasn't easy... these gongs are still with me as a great example of my dedication and commitment.

I am passionate about the benefits of sound meditation and decided to share the gongs with a wider audience. Myself and my lovely wife Jo performed on the stage of Britain's Got Talent in 2012. We didn't make it through but it was an amazing experience... you live, learn and persevere.

In 2013 I was chosen to make an amazing gong that was used to create a special sound track for the film 'A Field in England'. I play my gongs at many concerts and meditations with other creative souls and have regularly performed at the Harlequin Fayre in Norfolk.

Since 2015, I have dedicated myself fully to creating these spectacular gongs. Art Gongs appeal to gong players all over the world, with their beautiful sounds and harmonics, but also to all who admire the creative art and texture of each design. With an incredible array of colours introduced in forging, their mirror-like finish captures and reflects the light to look equally spectacular either on the stage or in the home as a truly unique piece of art.

That is how Art Gongs were born...

Rainbow portals of light and sound

Art Gongs

Unique artistic gongs hand crafted with passion and love

Michal Milas is an artist in metal, bringing his passion and ability to shape metal into crafting the amazing and exquisite 'Art Gong'. He harnesses the power of light, sound and harmonics to create a range of gongs, made with love.

Michal's metalwork is inspired by his spiritual life, combining the perfection of geometric designs with shamanistic and angelic influences to produce enlightened artwork.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful sound waves of the Art Gong to meditate, relax, contemplate and enjoy being at one with life.

Enjoy the patterns of different light across the Gong's surface, sculpted to create an interplay between textured and highly polished surfaces. Combined with intricate hand engraving and a rainbow of tempered colours, the Art Gong reflects the beauty of nature.

The more real you get the more unreal the world gets.

John Lennon

Lighten up your inner and outer world with Art Gongs

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Immerse yourself in the sound waves of the Art Gong, meditate, relax, contemplate and enjoy being at one with life.

Michal Milas

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